Get Trump in the Pocketbook

As the wheels of justice move slowly through congress in regards to what to do to Trump for trying to over through a branch of the government there are other ways to make him pay. Literally, make him pay. I think it is time for all of Trumps’s creditors to call in his loans.

He is a very bad loan risk right now. He is going to have trouble making money in the ways most former President’s do. He won’t make a good speaker at your next corporate event. In fact that could be the end of your revenue stream if you hire him. He will have trouble getting a book deal. First he has never been seen reading a book so the idea of writing one is farcical. And if Simon and Schuster dropped Hawley, Trump won’t stand a chance. I think even Create My Cookbook wouldn’t take him.

Speaking of books, whomever was photographing White House Rugs with Melania while the Capitol was being stormed, we have our eye on you. If you publish a book for her we will make sure everyone knows you are aiding and abetting Trump and will not buy any of your other books.

Apparently the PGA and LPGA are not going to have tournaments at any Trump Golf Clubs. It’s a start. How about other vendors who supply his clubs? Who are they? We want to know. Are you still going to do business with him?

Trump Hotels have been on the outs for a while. They have been trying to sell the lease on the old Postoffice property, but who wants anything that was once a Trump Brand. They are tainted forever.

The good people of Palm Beach need to hold Trump to the agreement he made with them when Mar-a-lago was losing money. The agreement was if he turned it into a private club no one could live there more then three weeks a year, one week at a time. Goes for the Donald too. Make him a man without a home. He probably shouldn’t step foot in New York.

So creditors, like Deutsche Bank and Ladder Capital, if you ever want to get your money back you better act fast. It doesn’t bode well for your public imagine that you lent to him in the first place, but if you act fast you might have a chance to white wash your reputation and get your money before there aren’t any assets to cover the loans. He can’t use that PAC money to pay you back. That’s a whole different offense.

And to the American people, the idea that ex-president’s get secret service protection and a million dollars a year in travel money is not in the constitution, it was just a nice parting gift to used Presidents. I think we should let congress know that Trump does not deserve any of these perks as he failed his exit interview for this job. As I used to tell Carter as a toddler, “Why should I reward you for bad behavior.” I am done with having a toddler in chief.

One Comment on “Get Trump in the Pocketbook”

  1. Stori Cadigan says:

    I wish I could say we are all done with him but sadly there are a lot of people who are going to cause hell on election day.

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