Politics Can Not Take Our Eye Off Covid

As I am staying home per the request of our State Health director because Covid is out of control I find myself glued to my news feed. The photos of much of what I am reading about show people without masks at the Capitol. I am concerned about both the political world and the regular world.

Yes, what is going on in Washington is of dire consequence, it should not overshadow the growing spread of the deadly Corona Virus. If you are a Trump supporter there is one thing that he told you that you absolutely must not believe- Covid 19 is here and it is deadly. He may have survived it with the help of the best Doctors on 24 hour watch of him, but that does not mean you will too. He said after the election it will just go away, because he wanted you to believe it was a hoax. He was fine with playing a game with your life. You don’t have to be.

Wear the damn mask has been my mantra since March. Why would you risk getting and or giving this virus? Chances are the people you would give it to are your loved ones.

Don’t go out to eat. I see photos of people on Facebook eating at restaurants. That is the most dangerous thing you can do. Get take out. Go home, eat it there. I know you might be bored of looking at your four walls, but better than looking at the inside of a casket.

This thing spreads exponentially. We are at the point where there are no more hospital beds if you get it now, you might not get the treatment you need. Why play Russian roulette?

Please take it seriously. A negative test does not mean you won’t pick it up someplace else the next day. We have made it through nine months. What is a few more? Stay vigilant. We need to try and flatten the curve again, out health care workers have been working non-stop for nine months, the least you can do is stay home and not add to their burden.

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