The Poor Dopes Who Do 45’s Bidding

There were thousands of them. People who took busses, flew, drove their RV’s to Washington all to bow down and lick the boots of the most corrupt President in US history. He had brain washed them. Promised to give you an America that is long gone. He knew he couldn’t do it, but he kept the charade up.

He asked you to give him money for his “fight.” And you did. MillIons and Millions. People who could ill afford to give a supposed rich man money. He asked you to not believe 60 judges who all threw out his law suits about a rigged election, many of those judges Republicans appointed by 45. And you poor dopes believed only 45, a man without a law degree, and not those learned justices.

He asked people to fight for him. To March to the Capitol and take back the election. In fact he said, “Let’s March to the Capitol,” implying that he would March too. Instead he sent his sheep down the street and he went and hid in the White House to watch it all play out on TV. As he did he complained that you “looked like losers.”

These poor fools, fired up by years of tweets, and rallies and false promises. Told to fight for something that was so false, that 45 didn’t really lose the election. But in his own words, he lost “biggly.”

Those fools, too dumb to wear masks, not to protect themselves and others from the worst plague in our history, but from cameras that would identify them. They somehow believed that breaking the law and filming themselves while doing it was just some reality TV show, like 45 used to be one. Some were even so dumb they wore their company ID tags while being photographed.

Even though 45 says you are special, special is the code word for idiot. You thought you were fighting for him and as soon as it appeared that 45 will be held accountable for sending you as his own personal army, rag tag as you were, to over throw the Congress, he disavowed you as thugs who will be prosecuted. Talk about Judas.

You failed to topple the government for him and now he doesn’t know you. You didn’t look classy, no you looked just like people who think the gaudy gold of Trump Tower is classy. You look just like the fools who lost money gambling at a Trump casino, or took a class at Trump University, or any of the other millions of fools who have been fleeced by this charlatan.

He doesn’t love you. He used you and you payed for it, and will continue to pay for it over and over. Many of you have and will lose your jobs because you participated in this disorganized failed attempt to over throw the government. Many of you will and should go to jail. Especially those who wiped feces on the walls of the capital. You are disgusting animals, not patriots.

He and his lowlife children fooled you by calling you patriots. He sent you to the slaughter. Now it is time to recognize how he used you. He used you and you all failed. You are worse off now than before and for what? Loyalty to a man you knows no loyalty to anyone other than himself. Just watch as he denies you to save himself. Judas is what you should call him.

3 Comments on “The Poor Dopes Who Do 45’s Bidding”

  1. Stori Cadigan says:

    I think ass hole is what you should call him. I hope all the redneck survivalists who rose to his occasion learned a lesson but sadly I am sure none of them did. May he rot in jail for a long time.

  2. Debi Downunder says:

    Those loser fools have very short memories and forget that just 6 months ago on 27 July, 2020 that Trump announced
    “Anarchists, Agitators or Protestors who vandalise or damage our … federal buildings in any of our cities or states, will be prosecuted under our recently re-enacted Statues and Monuments ACT. MINIMUM TEN YEARS IN PRISON. Don’t do it”

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