Response to Yesterday’s Blog

Yesterday I wrote a blog titled, “It’s not too late” where I was inviting former and current Trump supporters to give Joe Biden a chance. You can read it if you want the back story to this blog.

Since I have been writing this daily blog, going on nine years, more of my readers are like me than not. Why in the world would you read it if you weren’t. That said, there should be no one who agrees with me on everything. That is a dangerous place for the world to go. Also, I do write about a wide variety of subjects, some serious, some satire, some just food related.

One of my readers who disagrees with me on politics sent me this email yesterday, (When I say e-mail, it was just a title of an e-mail with no body.)

I am not going to out who it was, as many of my readers know this person. I did respond to her by saying, “You are right. I have hatred for Trump, but not you. Please reread the blog with that in mind.”

I have no problem with people disagreeing with me. We all have that right. I have no problem with people expressing their own points of view. Please start a blog. I welcome debate. I want to understand people with differing views. I think one of the big problems with our country is people living in their own silos and not listening or talking to others with differing views. We need compromise, we need understanding.

What I find terribly rich is the idea that “My bullying lecturing is one of the reasons why conservatives voted for Trump.” I certainly don’t have that much influence to cause people to vote for anyone. Who people vote for is their own responsibility.

When I write about Trump it is often to point out or highlight particular things I find distressing. Allowing leaders to lie and make lying seem normal is the worst thing that we can do. I will not stop doing it.

But this Trump Presidency is about to come to an end. Biden has generously held out his hand. What I am asking is for people to try and come to the table to heal the division.

We must have conversations and if you disagree with me or want to explain to me why you think I am blind, please email me and make your points. I can learn too. Calling me names without debate is taking a page out of Trump’s playbook. We all can be better.

6 Comments on “Response to Yesterday’s Blog”

  1. Stori Cadigan says:

    Who ever wrote the e-mail certainly doesn’t know Dana. She has done more good for this world than Trump could ever do…not that he can do any. Before you start throwing out words like “hatred” get your facts straight and pull your head out of the sand.

  2. Stuart Wright says:

    Dana; you are sounding more and more like a Canadian. Welcome.

  3. Debi Downunder says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for several years now, and you would be the last person I would ever consider a bully, and you certainly don’t ever lecture to your readers.
    How you responded to their email? Well, you are a way better person than I am, Dana.

    Living half-way across the world in Australia, I am astonished at the nastiness of people – ESPECIALLY Trump Supporters. And sadly (and I know you are a church-goer), but all bar one person I have encountered online that has backed Trump’s divisive ways and his constant lying have all been so-called Christians. Which makes me wonder what it is that Christians believe in.

    You are probably one of a handful of Christian Americans I know, who not only are genuine, generous and decent, but also have an open heart, and an open mind. Please don’t ever change, Dana.

    You are more accepting like Australians are, and don’t deserve this vitriol by a sore loser. I’m just glad they don’t live over here. They would not last 5 minutes. Aussies would set them straight.

    • dana lange says:

      Debi, thanks for your sweet words. I agree that I don’t understand those Christians who support Trump. He is the antithesis of what Christ taught. I happen to belong to a very liberal Church otherwise I could not be attached to a church. For now I have to pray for our country, and continue us to speak out against the wrongs. Thanks for being a faithful reader.

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