Easter Bunny is Essential, She Said So

In the good news from a world leader category today the winner is Jacinda Arden, Prime Minister of New Zealand. She gave a message to the children of New Zealand that the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are considered essential workers. She went on to explain that they are also busy taking care of their own little bunnies while they are home, so if by chance they miss your house please understand.

This is the same Prime Minister who single handily in one swift move got rid of all assault weapons after one shooting in her country. She is one to emulate.

Decisive action as well as compassion and concern all rolled into one. This children of New Zealand are lucky to have a leader who understands kids have worries and concerns too and finds a way to reassure them, without causing more pressure on their parents.

She added that kids should create Easter egg hunts in their neighborhoods by placing drawing of colored eggs in their windows. Then kids can take a walk with their families on Easter and search for the eggs. I suggest we take up her plan and do the same thing here. We have had a heart on our front door for to over three weeks for that scavenger hunt. It’s time for a new hunt. Please join me and reassure kids the Easter bunny is an essential worker.

Bravo to Jacinda Arden for showing us what great leaders do, remembering even the little ones.

One Comment on “Easter Bunny is Essential, She Said So”

  1. Stuart Wright says:

    Dana my daughter lives in Auckland, New Zealand and is immensely proud of Prime Minister Arden. I have forwarded your blog to our Jennifer (whom you met many years ago). Kind Regards: Stuart

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