Today was a beautiful day in Durham. Stay at home order was no hardship when I went out to work in my garden. The only bad part is not having the plants I want to put in to my driveway garden. Since this is probably one of the worst weeks for the spread of the virus I wanted to do my part and stay home.

So I looked in my seed drawer in the garage. It’s not that I have an official seed drawer, it’s just the junk drawer of the garage when I would stash packets of seeds. Some of them were open and I had only planted some seeds and some were new as the day I bought them.

Seeds are dated on the package. Seed purveyors only guarantee seeds for a year and that guarantee is usually only for something like 80% of the seeds in the packet.

Now I have used only seeds before and when I say old I mean like seeds that we’re 15-18 months old, and they grew. I have no idea at what percentage they grew, but I got something. Today I sewed some over a year old arugula seeds. They will probably yield something. Then I out in some two year old bush beans. Let’s see if half of them come up.

My real test is a handful of green beans from 2014. I planted them with a lot of hope and faith that they even germinate, let alone flourish. I don’t have anything to lose since I already owned them and if they don’t come up in two weeks I can plant something else int their place.

Perhaps my seed drawer will yield results. Technically I never should have kept any seeds, but Mya e my little horde will pay off.

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