Great Neighbors Mean Everything Right Now

During this stay at home time things you wish you had changed about your house long ago become more evident. For us, it would be nice to have a paved basketball court. As we have a gravel driveway I never wanted to add more impermeable surface to our property and pave over it. So even though Carter played basketball for years we didn’t have a net of our own at home.

When our wonderful neighbors Al and Lucy moved in next door they made all kinds of improvements to their property. One was a basketball net right next to our yard. Their kids were grown and they offered us the use of the net.

Basketball is a loud game. Just bouncing the ball on the black top makes a lot of noise. We never wanted to annoy such good neighbors.

Then Carter came home three weeks ago. Being cooped up with us is not good for any of us. Since Russ and Carter love playing basketball against each other I asked Al and Lucy if they could play on their court. Gracious to a T, of course they said yes. So everyday Russ and Carter would go play for a bit. It is saving our household.

Eternally grateful, tonight I made ham and bean soup to bring to Al and a Lucy to thank them. There is nothing better than having good neighbors. I am certain I am not as good to them as they are to us, but I am going to do my best to try.

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