How Things Have Changed

As Easter approaches so slowly I thought I should go to the store this morning for my once a week shop so we can have something that resembles an Easter meal on Sunday. I am doing my best to stay home and when I venture out I wear my mask.

I went to Trader Joe’s early and was there by 8:40. They have senior hour from 8-9 and those of us in the non senior hour line have to wait for them to get through, and they are slow. When I arrived my place in line was well past the Ulta, and I guess there were about 40 people appropriately spaced in front of me.

View from my place in line.

I was wearing my mask which makes it impossible for my face recognition to work on my phone. So I had to keep putting in my code to read the messages coming in this morning. With my mask on and my voice quiet I am unrecognizable. My friend Kurt arrived to the line about five minutes after me. I had to text him to say hi!

We waited in our line with no movement for at least 30 minutes. Well, I was moving. I kept walking back in forth keeping my distance and place and line, but getting some steps. By 8:55 the line snaked all the way from Trader Joe’s around the back or all the buildings and over to Bruegers.

The way the employees kept track of how many people were in the store was through the use of a few carts. You got a cart to go in the store and they took it back from you at your car after you had unloaded you bags. Then the team member ran it back to the store so a new person could go in. If you only use 30 carts you know exactly how many shoppers are in the store.

The store was well stocked and they bagged the groceries because they are not letting you bring in your own bags. They also have plexi-glass shields up at the check out. It was all very organized.

The grocery is not the only place social distancing. Today the Fed-ex man delivered a package and left it only halfway up our long walkway. I guess he figured we would see it eventually and that we certainly must be home. I am glad it wasn’t raining, but am not sure it would have been too dangerous for him to come all the way to our porch. I am not complaining because I want him to keep working.

Look down the brick walkway to see where my package was left. Can you find it?

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