No Snuggling With Friends For Shay

Social distancing is affecting all the beings in our household. The introverts are doing a little better than the extroverts. Shay seems to be the most depressed today. She is wondering why she has not gotten to go to any Church meetings where she is the honorary chair. She looks longingly at the car and wonders why we never open the doors, let alone let her jump in the back seat and take her stance on the console like a Captain on the bridge of her ship.

Not that she is not getting walks. Russ has taken her out twice or three times as much as she normally gets. She has even gone running with him. Something she would never get with me alone.

While Russ works in his outside CMG office, the bench in the front of our house, Shay social distances and watches him from the grass. I came up from working in the sweat shop and found Shay lying on the front porch all alone. She was not barking at the walkers or even lifting her head as canine pals passed by. She knows she has to keep her distance, like all of us. She just doesn’t like it. She is a social animal and is looking forward to the time when she can greet you and snuggle.

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