What Day Is It?

While I was in sewing on this beautiful day Russ created a new CMG office out on a bench in our front yard. He sent me these two photos of him in his new work spot. It not that he didn’t want to show you his whole corona beard just that he’s not too good at selfies.

After seeing his “work” photos I mistakenly thought today is Friday. Not that Russ doesn’t always work everyday, but I usually know when the weekend is because he works at home on the weekends and not at the office. This working at home everyday for the last three weeks makes me feel like everyday is a weekend, so no wonder I don’t know what day it is.

This is much to close to my favored Dame Maggie Smith Line from Downton Abbey, “Weekend, what is a weekend?” If everyday is the same in your life you have no need to separate out week days from weekends. Although I haven’t gone to real work in a really long time I am looking forward to a schedule of work days and fun days again someday, even if all I do is fun all the time.

I also am looking forward to a ton of belated birthdays to celebrate. Although I am happy to let my birthday slide without any celebration, I miss the birthday lunches with friends as our way of keeping up. Now I wish people good health on their Facebook page on their birthday. Not much of a celebration, but really there is nothing better to wish someone.

April is going to be a really long month. Here’s to knowing what day it is and if it is your special day I wish you good health. Hell, if it isn’t your Special day I wish you good health also.

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