Diversified Sewing

With Carter home my sweat reverted back to being her office. Since she is working from home for her Co-op and they have been so good to her I can’t really complain. When she is not in “her office,” but in her room I can’t use the sweat shop because it it too noisy. So my sewing has taken a big back seat these past two weeks.

I have tried to make some masks. Since I had just a little elastic I was only able to make myself a prototype and one that requested from me. I also made three cloth masks for my niece who is an ER nurse to cover her N95 mask. Since she has to use it day after day the cloth masks help protect her mask, while her mask helps protect her.

I am awaiting a bunch more elastic and as soon as it comes and I will try and make more masks. Don’t ask me for them yet because I don’t want to disappoint anyone. I will let you know if I have enough elastic to make extras. Elastic is at a premium these days.

The big news is I was able to finish the top for my mother’s quilt. She saw some sandpiper placemats I made for Carter for Christmas and wanted a quilt with sandpipers. It is by far the most complicated quilt I have ever created. I tried to get a photo of it, but it is so big that even Russ and Carter could not hold the whole thing up. It didn’t help when the wind blew.

When I get the quilt back from my long arm quilter and I put the binding on it I will get a better picture of the finished product. I am happy to put my sewing skills to good use at this time.

2 Comments on “Diversified Sewing”

  1. Carol Walker says:

    I am trying to make masks as well. Where did you get your pattern? I don’t really like the one I am presently using. I like the look of yours.

    Carol Walker

  2. jane carter says:

    the quilt is fantastic so unbelievable cant wait when the world comes back around love and thanks

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