I Need A Zoom Wig

Another day and another three Zoom meetings. I know I do not have a good Zoom set up. First the angle at which my iPad sits is the least flattering, all chins all the time, angle it can be.

Second the lighting is unflattering and if there was a thing I learned from years at Durham Magazine it is all about the lighting. Not that I really care what I look like since it really isn’t going to change, just that I have to look at myself and that is downright distracting.

The third thing is my hair in the time of social distancing has gone to hell. It’s not about color as it is for so many of my friends who have serious relationships with their colorists. For me it is the lack of styling skill on my part as well as the need for a haircut. My reading glasses when on my face, make little wings stick out above my ears.

I think my best option would be a wig I could slip on before I log into those daily Zoom meetings. I imagine I would look something like Gladys Cravits from Bewitched. Won’t be an improvement but at least I can give my zoom mates a chuckle in this grim time.

I am happy to have a chance to see the beautiful faces of my far flung friends I am zooming with. Thanks Suzanne and Janet for the fun visit today.

A note about my sister’s company that I blogged about yesterday: Last night I asked many of you to spread the word about my sister’s company selling knife sharpeners on GMA this morning. Thank you so much for all of you who shared the message and those who bought or tried to buy from her. She got over 8,000 orders and sold out of all her stock. It was a life saving event for her. This means she can make payroll for all her employees and rent for the next two months. Thank you so much to all of you. Sorry to those who were unable to get one. Thanks for trying.

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