Too Much Togetherness for Shay

For Shay, social distancing has turned into doggy focusing. Shay is our form of entertainment and distraction. While we are trying to keep our minds off things we can not change we look to Shay for things we can.

Before I could find a new groomer, the lock down took place, but no one told Shay to stop growing hair. She has turned into a wooly mammoth. With Carter now home she and Russ have taken the need for grooming serious. Russ ordered a clipper set and it arrived today.

For over a year Shay has had a wonderful groomer who came to our house to take care of all her beauty needs. Before social distancing started I called her up to see if she could give Shay a much needed haircut. Much to my dismay I found out her groomer has moved on to real estate. Our loss.

After Carter and Russ took Shay for a walk Carter gave her a good bath. After her bath Carter did a little combing in preparation for tomorrow’s big clipping session. So this this is a multiple day blog to see how this at home grooming goes. Please pray for Shay and the hands that clip her.

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