Social Distancing Grooming

While humans are letting themselves go during this time there was no reason to let shay turn into a sheep that hadn’t been shorn in three years. Carter set up a grooming station in the garage. She single handily clipped Shay all over. It took quite a while and I could hear carter sweetly reassuring Shay the whole time.

It was a great effort on Carter’s part and I am so grateful that she did it before Shay developed Matt’s that would require her to be shorn down to the skin.

Since Shay got her teeth cleaned last week she has one little peg leg shaved so you can really see how skinny those little legs are. She may not be show quality groomed, but she is clean and can see without too many curls in her eyes.

Great job Carter. I am so happy you are home to care for your puppy. One big benefit of social distancing! Look on the sunny side.

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