Throw Back Activities

Sometimes being a pack rat and having a house with enough storage is a good thing. Yesterday Carter pulled out her old Wii game playing system and set it up on our big TV. She had fun playing games she had not played since she was ten or eleven. It was a great way to get out some of her energy.

Today while I was working on my very difficult puzzle Carter put in the Wii cooking game. She remarked that the game is so old that it is the square aspect of the TV screen. As I was searching for a piece for my puzzle with a green polka dot drinking straw on it, Carter was making virtual lasagna.

The amazing thing about that game is the level of sophistication the recipe had. Carter had to master béchamel sauce and put spinach in her lasagna. The game even explained what Mis en place was and why chefs prepare all their ingredients first. Perhaps playing that game at nine helped her to become the fabulous cook she is today.

I was just happy for a new diversion. Maybe tomorrow Carter and I can play tennis on the Wii. It will provide a different exercise than just walking on the treadmill. I just can’t handle the cooking game because that will make me want to cook real lasagna and I am trying to stay away from that.

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