Time to Clean Your House Again

Last week I noticed on social media a lot of my friends deep cleaning their houses due to being stuck at home. I commented to one friend that none of us will ever have anyone see our house in that pristine condition since we were all stuck home alone. I think many people also wanted to disinfect their spaces just in case.

Now this week in Durham as well as so many other places we are ordered to stay home. This means that that if you have someone come clean your house they can’t come for a while. Now you are going to have to clean your own home. My friend Julie suggested that if your have someone who cleans your house it would be wonderful if you could still pay them through this time. Many may not be getting checks from the government or unemployment if they are self employed.

If you don’t already have a robot vacuum now might be the time to try one. I have a relatively inexpensive one called a Deebot which I have been very happy with for going on two years. Trust me, you are not going to vacuum the old fashioned way as much as you need to. And just because you did a big time cleaning last week I hate to tell you that now you need to do it again.

Don’t kill yourself and do it all in one day, like a cleaning person might do for you. Do a couple of rooms everyday and always be cleaning something. It’s not so bad to clean an hour a day, but it is horrible to clean eight hours a day and not get paid for it. And no one is getting paid anywhere.

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