No Mah Jongg Christmas, But It’s OK

If this were a regular year tomorrow would be pop-up holiday at my house. The new Mah Jongg card arrived today, normally known as Mah Jongg Christmas at my house. Sadly with the stay at home order I am not having a spur of the moment Mah Jongg Party. Instead I will be playing Mah Jongg on the app called “Real Mah Jongg.”

Real Mah Jongg is a very good way to play The National Mah Jongg League way. If you have never tried it go on and down load the app because they give you a two week free trial. After that it costs $6.99 a month, which is steep for a game, but in these times we have no other choice.

You can play against the computer, real people who you don’t know, or your friends who you invite to play with you. So social distancing is not the best for Mah Jongg since it is all about playing with your friends, but this will have to do.

The canceling of Mah Jongg Christmas is nothing compared to people who have to postpone or cancel their wedding, the prom, graduations, or other major celebrations. I am also certain we will not be having Easter at Church no matter what any particular politician says. It all just goes into the story of the year we all stayed home.

But being home with our little family has advantages of its own and that is how I am choosing to look at this. We will be a lot more appreciative of things after all of this is done.

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