Fun Like a Regular Day

As I sit in the sunroom with the pollen hazy light filtering through the dogwood blossoms I can hear the basket ball bouncing on our neighbor’s driveway. They generously let Russ and Carter play since we have a gravel driveway which is unsuitable for basketball.

“Stuck” at home has been lovely for me today. I was up early so I could actually shower since I was having a Mah Jongg game online with Christy and Deanna. When I told Shay we were having Mah Jongg she went to the front door to wait for her friends to arrive. She has not gotten used to greeting people on Face Time and was sorely disappointed not to get a snuggle from Christy.

After a fun time of playing with the new card we parted so I could go outside and supervise the excellent work that Russ and Carter were doing in the garden. In a miracle from above our rototiller started after non use for the last two years. As Russ tilled the driveway gardens and the zinnia garden by the street Carter planted herbs by the front door garden. The smell of basil made her crave tomatoes, which thankfully we have as I am no good at growing tomatoes.

After lunch I went to the sweat shop to work on my quilt. I have been dragging it out as I figure I am not going to be able to take it to my long arm quilter for quite some time. While quilting I started watching the third season of Ozark. I want to drag that out too.

Then Deanna texted me for another Mah Jongg session. If I have to stay home I am thankful that I get to do things I love. My wish for all of you is that you are healthy and occupied with fun too.

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