Hell Might Have Frozen Over

In proof that the world has changed Carter asked me if I wanted to play Monopoly today. Normally I have had to beg my family members to play games with me. Before Russ and I were married he would play gin rummy with me. Once we got married he told me he hated games and stopped playing. It felt like a bait and switch, but I loved him enough to keep him.

My daughter takes after he father. It doesn’t help that when she was little and would attempt to play games with me I would beat her, thus souring her to playing games at all. So it came as such a big surprise that Carter initiated this game with me.

As Carter set the game up I also was play Mah Jongg online with other friends. It was like a dream come true, playing two games at the same time. The only way this was possible was Carter’s willingness to be both banker and real estate broker.

Carter also spent the better part of the day building a charging station for Russ’ power tool batteries. I know she would rather be doing wood working than playing a game, so it was nice she split her time between parents.

We know we are in this stay safe at home period for a while and Carter left the game set up on the game table. That gives me hope she will initiate another game. I can only pray.

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