Empty Calendar

I had two things on my calendar that actually happened today. First was an online Mah Jongg game with my friend Ann who was in Annapolis and then a zoom video meeting of the construction/architects crew for the building I am working on at Church. It felt practically productive to have anything on my calendar.

The rest of the day was filled walking, watering the garden, washing the kitchen floor and playing Monopoly with Carter. I made her cry which did not make me feel good, but she will beat me eventually.

The true highlight of the day was two different Amazon deliveries. One was freeze dried liver treats for Shay that come on subscription and the second one was replacement brushes for the robot vacuum. These parts were not expected for three days so getting something in one day delivery is cause for celebration. I also think actually seeing the delivery man through the glass door and screaming “thank you” to him was part of the excitement. This is what we have devolved to for fun, replacing a part on the vacuum.

It has only been under two weeks that I have been social distancing and what I consider a fulfilling day is drastically swirling down hill. I am trying my best to feel fulfilled by doing my part staying home. I am most excited that my high school friend Mary has planned a zoom happy hour for tomorrow at 6:30. My roommate Nancy has opted in. So any EWS friends if you want to join send me a message. I like to have something on the calendar that does not involve the vacuum.

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