Three Zooms A Day Keeps the Dr. Away

Today was as normal a day as I have had in the last three weeks. When I say normal I mean most like my life Pre-Social Distancing. I had my first Zoom this morning with my Needlepoint group. Three of us were able to make it and it was wonderful to see my friends faces as well as hear their voices as we caught up on what has been going on for the last wee bit.

Then after lunch I had a Zoom with my minister Chris and our church receptionist, Barb, so we could talk about plans for our new fellowship hall. I had a construction zoom yesterday and needed to make electrical decisions for security systems. I was quite impressed that Chris was able to set up the Zoom and send the invites. Technology is not usually his thing but this new world has taught him new and useful skills.

Tonight I had my last Zoom with friends from my boarding school class. My friend Mary initiated the gathering and my roommate Nancy joined us. We expected a couple others who never materialized, but we had so much fun we are going to do it again next Tuesday evening so all you Walkers girls from the class of ‘79 come join us. You can find the link to the zoom on our Walkers Facebook page. If you don’t know how to figure it out message me and I will help you.

Getting to spend time with Mary and a Nancy tonight is a bonus of this social distancing. We probably would not have thought of having a Zoom unless we were planning a reunion. The reconnections this new world is offering us is something I hope we continue when we are allowed to re-emerge.

I got nothing productive done today in the crafting/puzzling or cooking world, but I was filled with happiness and love by seeing and talking with my friends.

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