Keeping Your Mind Off It

As the news reports how bad things are around the world we are trying to do our part by staying home and keeping our spirits up. Carter and I continued our monopoly game we started yesterday because I finally had to go to bed last night after many hours of play.

When I went to bed last night I knew my chances of beating Carter were slim. The version of the game we were using had a top bill of $5,000,000 instead of $500 so the numbers we were playing with was huge. She had over $20,000,000 and fourteen houses on the red and yellow properties at the stopping point last night. I might have had a couple million and about the same number of houses, just not in as a good a neighborhood.

After she finished her work today we started back up to what I thought would be a quick end to my monopoly fight. It took longer than I thought. Carter continued to amass great wealth and I would just hold on. Around and around we went. Carter was giddy with her giant stack of cash.

Eventually she held all the $5,000,000 bills, all the $1,000,000 bills and all the $500,000 bills. When we passed go she was having to hand out 12 $200,000 bills to cover the $2 million payout you get for passing go. After we ran out of money we had to just write down $30,000,000 on a piece of paper as the money Carter loaned the bank.

I slowly had to sell my house, and mortgage my properties eventually going totally broke. Carter counted her cash and she had $170,701,000 along with her houses and properties. It was the biggest win I have ever seen in Monopoly. Winning so much Monopoly money was a psychological pick me up during this time. I think she will play with me again.

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