Sick in Boston

Hi Everyone! This is Carter, Dana’s daughter who she is visiting. Somehow my mom began feeling really ill this afternoon, so I am writing this blog. She missed a lovely seafood dinner with my friends. While we missed her, I really do hope she feels better. I was sick last weekend and it was horrible. Luckily she is not alone.

So if you nice people could send her some notes and thoughts of getting better it would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully she is better by tomorrow as she has to fly back to NC.

I’m sure she will update you all soon, once she is better.

3 Comments on “Sick in Boston”

  1. jane carter says:

    hope you are better and can get hone love mom

  2. shg2200 says:

    So sorry! Nothing is worse than being sick and not be home. I hope you make it back tomorrow.

    Sent from my iPad Sally Graham


  3. CWF says:

    Hope by now you are feeling better and on your way home. Flying and not feeling well definitely do NOT mix well.

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