Fun and Cold Boston Day

Carter asked me if we could sleep late this morning and I promised her I wouldn’t wake her up as I usually awake so early and then I slept as long as she did. This is quite a miracle I am sure was caused by the almost nine miles I walked yesterday.

We had a full calendar today, but at ten degrees outside we put off leaving the apartment as long as possible. First stop this morning was the Boston Public Market to buy fruits, veg and seafood. With two pound of asparagus for a dollar And a pint or raspberries for ninety-nine cents I was very jealous of Carter’s shopping opportunities.

We returned home to leave the food and went right back out to the Boston Public Library to go for tea. Tea for lunch is our family favorite and the Library is an extraordinary place to visit.

Our tea was lovely. After a month and a half of not having sugar I skipped eating the desserts, but did love the scones. During lunch Carter described a BBC mini series about life in Victorian England. Her description was so enticing we decided to that we would watch it when we got home.

After the tea we visited the map room exhibit. We could have spent all day in that room, but decided we needed to do a little shopping on our way home. So we stoped at the Pru and made a few purchases and walked home to watch “24 Hours in the past”.

The break was a welcome respite but before long it was time for us to head off to Cambridge to a wonderful restaurant Carter picked called Harvest. It was a very full, cold, fun day. I think I will sleep well again tonight. I can’t wait until tomorrow’s adventures that Carter has planned.

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