Boston Valentines

Happy Valentines Day. I am having an unconventional valentines as I am in Boston visiting Carter. Russ was here earlier in the week and took Carter out to dinner Wednesday night and now she has me for three nights. Russ is back to Durham so we just passed each other.

When Carter came back in January she invited me to come for President’s Weekend and valentines happens to kick the weekend off. Missing Russ, but so excited to be with Carter.

I flew up in time today to go visit Carter at her office at Bain Capital and have lunch in her fancy dining room. I met two of a Carter’s bosses and I was thrilled with what they had to say about her. Everyone couldn’t have been nicer.

Carter introduced me to Hakim from Algeria who checked us in for lunch. He was so sweet and told Carter to take good care of me because mother’s are important and he wishes he could have his mother come visit him at work.

The view from our table at lunch at Bain

After we had finished eating a group of other Co-op coworkers came and sat with us to have their lunch. They are Carter’s squad at work and it was interesting to hear about the kind of work they are doing at Bain.

I am proud that Carter has made friends with all kinds of people at work, not just the bosses, but the support people as well.

While Carter stayed and finished her work day I walked to her apartment and ran errands for her. She had four packages, which needed to be returned. Two to the UPS store, one to a store in the Prudential center and one to Fed-ex. Did I say it was twenty degrees here? So I walked 16,600 steps today, all outdoors. I better have burned off a lot of calories doing these errands.

We walked to our favorite HoJoKo for dinner and now I am snuggled into the sofa bed we got for Carter’s apartment in a September and are watching a movie. At last I am getting a chance to enjoy all the furniture I put together. It will be a fun weekend of pampering Carter.

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