Congratulations to Shelayne

I finally got to celebrate my friend Shelayne’s birthday today with a little lunch. She was in Australia visiting her latest and fourth grandchild over her real birthday. At last she has a granddaughter, but she’s not keeping count. I am certain she will be having more grandchildren before she is done and boys or girls make no difference to her.

I am most happy to say congratulations to her as she was recently elected to the board of the Food Bank. She has been a fabulous supporter and did good work as a volunteer on the development committee. It didn’t take long for the powers that be at the Food Bank to recognize her expert board skills as she has served so many great organizations over the years.

Shelayne never stops giving to the community and I am especially thankful for all she does for educational causes and social services ensuring the next generation is better off than the previous.

So Hooray for Shelayne, a new granddaughter and more good works. You are an inspiration and the best looking grandmother around.

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