A Good Grandmother Moment

My mother is a very accomplished artist. She has been painting since I was a child and her body of work is extensive. I can imagine she has done well over 20,000 works in her life time. She sells everything she can, but because she paints so much there is always more.

My house is full of her art, most of which I have had to purchase from her, but I am happy to do so since it is her work. So many of my friends have her work and I forget about them until I turn the corner in someone’s house and encounter one of her paintings.

Her style changes often, which is wonderful for her so she doesn’t get bored painting the same way, but it does mean that if there is a painting I love I better buy it fast because you never know how long one style period is going to last.

Carter is all about original art in her apartment. No tapestries, or posters for her. Recently my mother posted an oil painting of “Harrods’ Sale” on her Facebook page. Carter was immediately drawn to it. She commented to my mother that it was her favorite. Carter asked me if I thought her grandmother would give her a discount. I told her the standard family discount, 10%.

Carter was not sure she could afford the painting, but then it became a moot point because someone else bought it. Carter was dismayed, knowing that she missed her chance.

Carter got the best surprise two days ago. The first buyer returned the painting because it did not fit in the room she wanted it for. In a very generous grandmother moment my mother texted Carter and told her that she could buy the painting at a 96% discount. Woo Hoo for Carter.

I texted my mother that she had made Carter so happy. Not mentioning the greatly reduced price. My mother texted back, “I am like Maggie Thatcher in that I think everyone should pay something.”

Next time I want a painting I am going to ask Carter to see if she can buy at the Carter price rather than my price. Oh, it’s nice to be the only grandchild.

One Comment on “A Good Grandmother Moment”

  1. jane carter says:

    cute post I loved it

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