Things Not to Make Myself

Since I have been back in the sweat shop toiling away for a week I have gotten the sewing bug. I made two presents this past week and am on the search for my next project. Kind of like being a four year old, I am making presents. But being 58 I can’t just press my hand into a plaster of Paris mold and when it is dry paint it with tempura paint.

I only want to make useful as well as beautiful things, which really limits me because I want them to be close to perfect. I turned to the big time wasting inspiration Pinterest and started searching. No one on my gift list needs a pin cushion in the shape of a bird, even if it is really cute. Aprons might be good but there is only one person on my list who cooks and wears and apron.

Once you start searching Pinterest gets a mind of its own and the algorithm starts showing me ideas. The craziest one I got today was a group of sites showing you how to make your own bras. If there was ever something I would not make it is a bra, for me or for anyone else.

Well, if I were going to attempt to make one for me I would have to learn welding first. If I learned welding I would be more likely to build my own car, rather than my own bra.

There is a line I draw at things I want to be homemade; medicine, televisions and light bulbs are at the top of my list, but undergarments are right up there.

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