When Did Sleep Get So Complicated?

Sunday my dad stopped by our house on his way home from Macy’s at the mall. He wanted to buy a new mattress. His current one is a memory foam and instead of a box springs it has an actual wooden box as a base. He complains that it is impossible to make the bed because he can’t get his hand between the memory foam and the wood box. The fitted sheet comes off in the night because it isn’t tucked in right and he ends up with his face on the foam which is hot. Sounds terrible to me.

In my father’s perfect fashion he knew exactly what kind of bed he wanted before he went to test any of them. Then after an extensive internet search found that Macy’s had the exact mattress on sale. Apparently it was not possible to order it online and required a store visit.

He drove all the way down to Durham, waited 40 minutes for sales help only to be told that they don’t deliver to his farm. He said he would pay and they still said no. Now the search has to continue to find a local provider.

I don’t remember when the mattress business got so complicated. There are thousands of choices. I also don’t remember when sleep became such a big issue for so many people.

There was something on TV this week that said that almost a half of couples don’t sleep in the same bed. None of this surprises me. Many beds get slept in at our house thanks to the moving from one bed to another in search of elusive sleep. I am not sure what anyone in my extended would do if they didn’t have extra places to go sleep.

When I was a kid no one replaced their mattress. You got a mattress that fit your bed and you might just die in that mattress. I have slept in many a guest bed that was more like a nest than a bed based on the divot in the center.

I personally hate our current bed, but Russ loves it because it is hard as a rock. It doesn’t help that I also hate all my pillows. It must be me and not my bed or pillows. Whatever, sleep just seems harder for more people than it did in the olden days. Or perhaps we just aren’t so dead tired from chopping wood and washing clothes by hand and raising our own food and carrying water inside to heat it up. If I had to do all those things I would probably not complain about sleeping on a bag of straw or whatever acted as a mattress back in the day.

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