An Imaginary Phone Conversation

Oh, the never ending Ukrainian/Giuliani/45 story keeps on unraveling. I can only imagine how the conversations between 45 and his nut job lawyer are going. Here is a sample of how it might sound if we could listen in on their phone calls.

45: Rudy, you know your friends, those Uke thugs who donated all that money to my super pac?

Rudy: Yeah, I did a great job getting them to funnel that foreign money to you.

45: The fake news hasn’t found those guys yet, have they.

Rudy: Well… they might be on to them. I think those Dems might be trying to get them in to testify.

45: Damn, Rudy. You can’t let that happen.

Rudy: I know, I know. I’ll buy them tickets out of the country and take them out to lunch, explain why they have to scram and then take them to the airport.

45: Just get one way tickets, no need to spend more money on these guys.

Rudy: Got it.

45: Also take them to my hotel up the street for lunch, I might as well make some money on their lunch while you are giving them the news.

Rudy: Got it. Can I put the lunch on your tab?

45: No way Rudy. You have to pay for your own lunch.

Rudy: Donald, I’ve got a great idea how you can throw everyone off this story. You should pull the military off the program of helping the Kurds and guarding the Isis fighters in their prisons.

45: Good idea Rudy. You really come up with the biggest plans to throw people off the scent.

Rudy: Thanks. I also have an invoice coming your way for all my Ukrainian work.

45: Look Rudy, I’m not going to pay any invoices and if you don’t like it there is nothing you can do about it since you can’t sue me as a sitting President.

Rudy: I’ll just send the invoice to Putin. He’ll pay your bills.

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