So Sick

Mitch McConnell will do anything not to have to discuss gun control. After two horrific shooting in El Paso and Dayton in less than 13 hours, many members of the congress want the August recess canceled. They called for law makers to discuss what can done about our national stain of more mass shootings in one year, than days. McConnell conveniently fractured his shoulder at home in Kentucky.

Did this guy throw himself down the stairs to get out of possibly going against the NRA? Did his wife perhaps wack him with a golf club so the money train of NRA supporters won’t stop funding their life. I have no idea, but I find it incredible timing. How bad can a fractured shoulder be? Get up McConnell. Face the American people and work on real gun control.

We can’t seem to do anything about 45 spewing hate over twitter. He acts like he has nothing to do when people shout out, “Send her back.” He needs to be held accountable because he is complicit in creating a culture of divisiveness.

A study out of the University of North Texas just came out that showed that hate crimes were up 226% in counties where Trump held a rally in 2016 compared to similar counties where he did not appear. I wouldn’t call the Univ. of North Texas a liberal holdout.

I have called for love over hate. Trump says the words, “Hate has no place in this country.” But clearly the man has no idea what hate is. Please let’s love him right out of office. He will hate that. Then and only then when it is about him he might learn the difference.

While we are at it, please you good people of Kentucky, love McConnell out of office too. He is much too fragile to represent you.

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