No Sleep For Mothers

Before I had Carter I heard lots of stories from friends who were already mothers about how when they were away from their baby and they heard a random baby crying their milk would let down. (If you don’t know what that means look it up.) Suddenly women who had no particular interest in children would cry at random Cat Steven’s songs. When another child was mean to your child on the play ground it was all you could do not to take that child out. That motherly instinct was strong and fast and it made you do and feel things you never contemplated in your life.

Your friends told you about these things when you were a new mother, but they stopped warning you about how being a mother would make you lose sleep after your child started sleeping through the night. They didn’t tell you that when your baby was an adolescent you would lie awake at night because you suddenly didn’t know what happened to your sweet child now that she had hormones. They didn’t tell you that you would not be able to go to sleep when your high schooler was out late at night and you would sit up waiting for them to get in the door safely before you could actually close your eyes.

Even though no one told about those things you understood them. You lived through each stage and you eventually were able to sleep again. You didn’t blame your friends for not warning you. It was just part of being a mother.

Well, I’m here to tell you that sleepless night never end, no matter how old that baby has gotten. Carter was flying from Stockholm to Copenhagen last night. It wasn’t night her time, but early morning, which made it the middle of the night my time. Carter is a good traveler and like me she is always early, so I wasn’t so worried about her getting herself up on time, walking from the hostel to the train station, taking the train 45 minutes to the airport, going through security and making her 9:00AM flight. I wasn’t worried about SAS airline being safe. She didn’t have any connection so no problem if it didn’t take off on time. If I wasn’t worried about those things why did I wake up in the middle of the night to check on her?

Why could I not go back to sleep between 1:00AM and 5:00 AM while all this was happening? I had a busy day planned today since I had to drive to the beach to teach Mah Jongg this week. I had to sleep, but I couldn’t. Even if I knew Carter was fine, capable and an excellent traveler the mother in me made me wake up and make sure and stay awake.

No one tells you that once you are a mother you always are a mother. You are losing sleep for the rest of your life and there is just not anything you can do about it, except train your children well. Even if they learned all those lessons your u taught them, you still will not sleep.

One Comment on “No Sleep For Mothers”

  1. Cynthia Klein says:

    I am afraid you are correct Dana. Parenting does not end no matter the age of our children. It keeps us close with our children.

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