Beach Mah Jongg Day One

My life as the NC Beach Mah Jongg teacher continues. This week the Coral Bay Club hosts me teaching two beginner classes. When I first got the call that they were interested in offering my class the woman from the club asked what my minimum was I would come for? She was worried about getting enough people since the only days I was available were the same days they were having a big bridge class. I hate to compete against a bridge.

I told her 8 was the minimum, but 12 was ideal. She called me the next day and had 24 and asked if that was OK. I told her we could do one morning and one afternoon class along as they fed me lunch. It was a deal.

Reba has again been my most generous host to take care of me while I am here for three days teaching. She came to the beginning of each class and introduced me. It was more like a way over the top commercial for my class and it was unneeded as all the students were already there. I can’t thank Reba enough for her great promotion of Mah Jongg at the beach.

Before Reba started having me down here to teach, I had not done two classes back to back three days in a row, now I am addicted to it. The students here are so enthusiastic and fun. I have taught six classes in total here in the last 14 months and I am told there are others who want to learn who could not get in these classes. I am certain I will be back.

If you and your friends ever wanted to learn a really fun game I am happy to do travel Mah Jongg teaching and come to you. It combines many things I love to do; travel, make new friends, share my favorite game and visit with old friends.

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