Pandemic Silver Lining

Today, Russ and I went to church, after watching service on line, to get our palms and see our friends. I felt renewed. It was just nice to see real humans. Shay got to go and visit with Lynn and nothing makes either of them happier.

When I got home it was time for me to join a zoom celebration of my friend Paul’s mother’s life. Paul and I went to college together and I had visited his mother a couple of times in college and she had made a big impression on me. Like the first time we met when Paul and I and six other Dickinson students were taking a course on public speaking at Princeton. Paul suggested we drive up to his parent’s house unannounced and show up for lunch. Paul’s Mom did not bat and eyelash, pulled out folding chairs and set them up in their living room and made us all sandwiches. She was warm and welcoming and never said, “You should have called first.” So when I heard of her passing I wanted to attend the celebration of her life. This was easy to do since I did not have to travel to New Jersey, but just to my computer.

The family had a wonderful slide show of photos of Beverly through her long life with her husband, three sons, their spouses and children and other friends and family. The music was beautiful and the stories people told were sweet, funny and illuminating about her life. Although I did not know her well, I found myself tearing up during one of the songs. I was happy to see Paul and his wife Betsy and be able to be there for them. This never would have happened this way if it weren’t for the pandemic. I know memorials are not the same for the family when they can’t all be together, but there were over a hundred people on this zoom celebrating the best way we can these days.

After that zoom I had my pandemic book club. Another joy that has come out of the pandemic for me. I doubt I would have been asked to join this small group in other circumstances and I have loved our monthly zooms and chances to not just read interesting books, but get to know some wonderful women better. We are actually planning for a post vaccine real life get together in the future.

I know some people are chomping at the bit to get back to their old way of life. I am hoping to incorporate some of the new ways we do things into regular life. The slowing down has been a real silver lining.

One Comment on “Pandemic Silver Lining”

  1. Carol Walker says:

    I absolutely agree with your slowing down comment being a silver lining. There are many things that have happened during the pandemic that I hope will continue. One is church services on TV. They have become so sophisticated and would be such a blessing to our shut in folks and non members of Westminster. And just the whole idea of zoom meeting is great. Better than conference calls I would say.

    Carol Walker

    PS- taking OUR quilt to a show and tell today at Croasdaile

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