Yard Sign Time

As you drive around it seems as if everyone has a yard sign or two, a flag or banner declaring their allegiance to a candidate or party. Then there are the “black lives matters”signs and the “I believe in Science…”. Then there are the snarky signs, BYE DON, with a wisp of yellow hair. So many signs declaring so much. Some of them I am happy to see, but others trouble me to know such things about a neighbor or friend.

Our church decided we wanted to get in on the sign game. We have a church Motto which our former Pastor Hayward Holderness declared for us any years ago. Micha 6.8- “He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To do justice and to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God.”

We simplify it to the essence, Do Justice, Love Kindness and Walk Humbly. It fairly much tells you everything our church is about. So what better could we put upon a yard sign than those words. It this time of such divisiveness it is nice to have a reminder of what is important.

Although we don’t have in-person church services during COVID we did have a drive through day this afternoon to make our stewardship pledges and pick up a yard sign if you wanted one. Russ and I had made our pledge online, but we wanted a sign.

We may not have a sign for a candidate, or an ideology, but I feel that this sign speaks volumes about what we really believe. It also clearly indicates who we voted for, whose lives we think matter and even that science matters. We didn’t have to put a snarky sign out, even though I adore them. I don’t have to piss off my neighbors who don’t believe what we believe, because we love kindness.

I hope to have leaders at every level who also believe these things. Not just in a biblical way, like some evangelicals who can quote the Bible, but don’t live it. I want leaders who live these things. It seems like a small standard to hold any of us to.

3 Comments on “Yard Sign Time”

  1. sheppy says:

    I love the yard sign idea and our church here did a fund raiser this year b/c we could not engage inner usual Habitat Build (the church has built a house every September. Since we could not go in person, we were asked to donate and for small donation we could get a yard sign. Ours is Living the Word (I like your better, but that is our church theme) So Westminster Presbyterian Church in Durham and Westminster Church in Nashville have the same idea! Do you suppose all Presbyterians think alike? I was once told (in jest) When you have four presbyterians together, you always find a fifth.

  2. Michael Thompson says:

    I live in Falconbridge and would so dearly love to have a sign like this! It is one of my favorite verses, so much so that I incorporated it into my wedding 47 years ago! Can anyone tell me how to obtain one (for an appropriate contribution)? Michael Thompson

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