When Your World Shrinks

As most of us have shrunk our world to be just our homes I am wondering what others have found to focus on. I have developed an obsession with getting my shower floor tiles and grout sparkling white. It is a ridiculous thing to care about, but yet I still have spent hours figuring out the absolutely best ways to clean every part of the shower.

I have removed the clear silicone at the glass wall and replaced it. I have tried many different cleaners and home remedies to whiten old grout and finally with the last application of Clorox to cloth strips that sat on the grout for hours I have turned my old shower into dazzling white reminiscent of Lyle Wagner’s smile on the Carol Burnett Show.

It is not just my shower that has occupied hours of my time. I have five sheet pans from my catering days. I bought them from my Sysco rep in 1988 when they were on sale for $5 a piece. They are the best pans and have served me well. If I could replace them with new ones for $5 each I would do it, but similar ones of suchheavy duty quality now go for $85 each.

These pans get daily use year after year and have not been sparkling clean since I got married. What better way to while away hours stuck at home than by trying to restore these pans to their original gleam?

Many pintrest sights tout a baking soda and hydrogen peroxide recipe to do just this job I want done. So I tried that. They said time was the secret. I’m not sure if they meant decades because after many nights I have been unable to completely clean these pans. The thing that worked best was a Brillo pan and elbow grease. I am still not half way through working on these pans, but I figure I am going to be here for a while and can spread this job out over multiple months. I might have to resort to a power tool, but that is excitement for another day.

As my world shrinks smaller and smaller I am looking for even more obscure things to clean to perfection. I have my eye on the crystals of the front hallway chandelier. Of course I have actually cleaned that before so it is not the perfect subject of my cleaning obsession.

I would love to know how you have been whiling away the weeks and what ridiculous projects you have found to work on. I can’t be the only person who has fallen into this hole.

One Comment on “When Your World Shrinks”

  1. Carol Walker says:

    Almost all of my closet downstairs are clean and organized. The back porch/sunroom furniture is washed as well as all the cushions. I have learned to vacuum and mop again as my wonderful Angie has not been here in 2 months. I am reviewing all of our and my dads slides. Cleaning out and organizing 50 years worth. My guess is there are several thousand. That has been ongoing since the start of this and I am only half way through. They will be digitized when I am done. The next and most dreaded room I will tackle is my bead/sewing/craft room. That will take weeks I am sure as I have not done much with it in several years. I for one am tired Of projects and look forward to getting back to my volunteer work. At least all this cleaning out and organizing will get me on the road to being ready to move to Croasdaile in a few years if I can just keep it this way. Oh yes and you have inspired me to sand my teal furniture instead of buying new patio furniture.
    Carol Walker🎶🌺🎶

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