Meghan and Harry Want to Move to Canada

Today, in what was apparently a surprise to the Queen, Harry and Meghan said they wanted to step back from their official duties and move, at least part time to Canada. They were giving up being supported with the royal stipend and planning on supporting themselves. Sounds like exactly what the British people want, not to pay for the royals, who do so much good for their country in nonprofit patronage and tourism. But you can’t just surprise the Queen and the Royal household shot back saying not so fast.

Harry and Meghan should be free to do as they please as long as they are not taking any money. Of course they would rather live in Canada. Most of us would rather live there too. Kind friendly people, not a huge paparazzi, no Boris Johnson. They might have considered America, but we have DJT and why would anyone chose to subject themselves to that right now.

Harry is sixth in line to the throne. Chances are next to nil that he will get called up to the majors. The Queen should actually consider Canada, part of the commonwealth, as the perfect place to keep Harry as a designated survivor. Just consider what might happen if that like church at Balmoral collapsed one Christmas Day while all the royals were there. Heaven forbid the job at monarch be picked up by Prince Andrew who is the next one in line after Harry and Archie, because he was banned from the family celebration.

The Queen is looking at this announcement all wrong. Harry might have forced her hand, by announcing the move without her permission, but she can spin this as a good thing. No one is going to stand with her if she tries to stand in their way to live a life they want.

Meghan and Harry can certainly make their own living. This isn’t like his great, great uncle David abdicating for the woman he loved and then still living off the royal payoff. Let Harry and Meghan be happy, even while the rest of Britain is miserable because they have Brexit and probably can’t move to Canada.

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