Final Fall Formal



Tonight was the Fall Formal. Carter went with her great friend Trey. They looked so nice in their coordinated grey and silver. It was a nice end to the high school tradition. Five couples came over to our house to exchange flowers and let parents take their pictures. It seems like yesterday that they started going to dances.


I did my usual thing and asked the parents to come and stay for dinner. It came as a surprise to Russ, but since we have done this every year at Fall Formal it shouldn’t have.


I think he had had enough when, after everyone was gone and the kitchen was cleaned up I asked him if he could help me set up the air mattresses for the girls who will come back here and spend the night. It is the last time this will happen. Next year on this weekend all these friends will be spread around the country or the world. I guess I can still have people over for dinner on Fall Formal night, but it will be harder to trick Russ into doing it since I wont have the Carter excuse.

One Comment on “Final Fall Formal”

  1. ellenpunderwood says:

    What a lovely couple! It seems like just yesterday when I saw Carter — at age 5 or 6 — at a Michie family reunion. How time flies!

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