The Apple and The Tree

A couple of weeks ago when Carter officially was named one of the basketball captains she asked me if we could have a team dinner at our house. Nobody has to ask me twice to give

a party. Carter thought it would be good to have the players and their parents with the coaches. Amazingly every player was able to come tonight.
Normally when Carter asked me to have a party for her that is where her involvement ends. I do the inviting, the menu design, the shopping, cleaning, cooking, serving and Russ does the clean up. But something changed this year.
First Carter made sure the players were all going to be able to come. Then the team requested that Carter make her Texas Sheet cake. So this morning she got up and baked the cake with no help from me since I was at church. Then this afternoon Carter asked if she could help me cook. What ?!?!?! Yes, you can!
She even went so far as to put on rubber gloves to made the enchilada casserole. It was so nice to have such a cheerful helper in the kitchen. She made guacamole and cleaned up. I thought the aid might end when the fun part of cooking was over, but no. She took stools to the basement and carried up boxes of glasses and set up the bar. We were an hour ahead of schedule because she was so helpful. It was a new day in throwing parties at our house.
The team arrived and Carter got people drinks and entertained them while I put dinner out. With five new team members, four being Freshman, it was nice to integrate them and their parents into our group. People ate and socialized and had a big time. After everyone left Carter helped clean up, although Russ really did the bulk of it. I was just happy to see that the apple did not fall from the tree when it came to entertaining. It is a very useful skill that will serve her well when she does not live near this tree.

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