Trump Is No Republican

OK, I watched every word of the debate.  There is so much to say and so many others have already started, but I am quite surprised by what has not been said. Trump began the debate talking about “keeping businesses in America.” It is a nice idea, but really that is not what government does.  
Government does not control business in America, we are a free market. Business decides for itself. Yes, trade deals and tariffs made by government affect business, but in the end each individual business makes an economic decision where to produce and sell goods. Trump himself made his shirts and ties in a China and Vietnam. It was a business decision. The workers there we cheeper than Americans.  Many businesses chose to make things here because it is good for their business to be made in America.
So how in the world does Donald Trump think he can “make” businesses make things in America? That is not what Presidents do. How is it that no one seems to bring that fact up? If he were a Democrat the Republicans would be quick to point that out. Perhaps the Democrats aren’t calling him out on it because they like the idea of government being able to tell business what they can and can not do.  
Trump is the opposite of a Republican. His “I promise I can do that,” whatever “that” is, sounds like bigger government. His call to replace the entire infrastructure of every bridge, highway, airport and hospital would make government “Huuuge.”
Here is the problem with Trump… I am not going to say the misogyny, bigotry, racism or ego. It’s that he is a builder businessman who has never had a boss. He wants to build things. He want to be in control and do exactly what he wants, like he always has. He is not used to compromising. Don’t let the title of his ghost written book, The Art of the Deal fool you. If he didn’t like a deal he walked away from it or refused to pay for it. That is not what the leader of America gets to do. You have to have finesse. Not a word I would use to describe the bull dozing Trump.
Plenty of people are sick of the way government has gone, but Trump is not the answer. It is the lack of politicians ability to compromise with each other that has gotten us in this state. Electing a President who is a bully is not going to fix the mess that the do nothing congress has gotten us into.  
Republicans tried to change the government with the Tea Party, but aren’t those the same guys who let the government shut down for two weeks with no real plan because they couldn’t or wouldn’t pass a budget? Change for change’s sake is not the answer. Have we learned nothing about electing radical newbies? They just don’t have the experience to know how to reach across the aisle and come up with solutions that work. Electing a man who has no understanding that being President means being a servant leader is too big a risk.  

4 Comments on “Trump Is No Republican”

  1. Diane Wade says:

    Oh Dana, I do so wish you would not enter into the realm of political views!! I love your daily posts and have commented on lots of them as you well know. But we are bombarded ad nauseum all day long and I am just sick of it all!! I do so wish this most contentious election would just quickly come to an end. I feel the majority of us would glad cast their vote right now if they could!! Let it be done now please!! Anyway, I very quickly passed through your posting tonight—sorry–I know you spend a lot of time daily writing it. But quite frankly, I just didn’t want to read another opinion of last night, or further nights!! Yuck!! Enough already!!
    I love your postings–and appreciate the time and thought that go into each one. I surely know you and yours far more than you know mine, which makes me sad. Our family is truly special too!
    I guess I’m just vetting my frustration at all this hoopla towards you. Sorry!! I do love you—just please—-how about Shay Shay—how’s she doing??!! Hahaha!! ❤️💚

    • dana lange says:

      Sorry if I don’t always write things you like, but I write for me not anyone else. Nobody is going to be happy about everything I write. Writing everyday for over five years is hard. Sometimes it will make you mad

  2. Mary Putman says:

    Oh! My! Dana! Good frigin’ job! Amen! I agree 100%!!!!

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  3. Sheppy vann says:

    Wow! This is right on Dana! I met with some of my college classmates yesterday and our conversation mirrored your blog!

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