Why Don’t I Have Boots?

By Shay Shay Lange
I woke up this morning when my Dad got out of bed and despite the cold I went outside to discover the whole world turned white while I slept. At first I thought I was in an old fashioned movie, you know where the people are grey, because in the early morning light everything was black and white or mostly grey.
The white was hard and cold and I slipped around. I sniffed the air, smelling for deer or other friends who usually come play in my yard, but I couldn’t find any tale tale signs they had been around so I came back in the house to snuggle with my humans. I really like that daddy moves from one comfy spot to another so I have lots of warm places to sleep. Why I get up early with him I do not know, when I could have stayed in bed with one of the other girls and slept late where it was warm and snuggly.

After the Mom got up I had to go outside and play while she and my Dad pushed the white stuff off the car. They only did it on the big black elephant like car they only drive when the world is white or they have a lot of kids to drive around. My feet got cold on the white so I stood on my Mom’s boots. That made me wonder where my boot were. Shouldn’t someone have gotten me something to protect my little feet?

My Mom and my other Mom Carter went out in the big elephant car to the movies so I stayed snuggled with Dad. When they came back Carter took me over to the golf course to try and run, but hey, I still did not have boots and I slipped all over the place.

After that I was exhausted so I did not mind when my people left me to go out to dinner and to see some girl named Matilda sing songs about eating sweets when she grows up. Seems like the big black elephant car likes the white stuff and is able to get my people places others dare not go. I was not worried about them, but was still glad when they got home. I need them to snuggle with me. It is colder without them and I am just a baby, who needs some boots.  

One Comment on “Why Don’t I Have Boots?”

  1. Sheppy vann says:

    Peppermint is of like mind. She will go out with Dick of course,but she looks accusingly at me when I suggest we go out. She will enjoy Shay’s blog…as will Dick!

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