Spicy and Cool Watermelon Soup



On my way home from Washington I bought a watermelon for a dollar from some kids in southern Maryland. Of course I never got around to using it and here we are on the cusp of leaving for vacation. There is no better way to use up leftovers than soup. The whole watermelon may not exactly be a leftover, but a lot of what went in the soup was.


6 cups of watermelon –deseeded

25 mint leaves

10 basil leaves

1 inch of fresh ginger- grated

1 whole jalapeño- I left the ribs and seeds in for spiciness, but you can cut them out if you want.

¼ c. limejuice

2 big pinches of salt


Put everything in a blender and whirl it on up until all the herbs are pureed. Chill and enjoy.

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