First Day of Summer Layered Salad



Finally one of my many cucumber vines produced a life size fruit this morning. Since it is Carter’s last night at home before five weeks of Camp Cheerio she is requesting Asian Food. I am trying to stay away from Asian since the sodium seems to stick with me for days. So I made this summer layered salad with the fruits of my garden and what I had on hand.


Starting at the bottom and working my way up to the top this is what it is.


1 Peeled and chopped cucumber

1 chopped tomato

10 Fresh Basil leaves – cut into strips

¼ cup of feta cheese cubes

1 avocado- cubed

¼ cup of marinated onions – I used the leftovers from the onion slaw


Pour some white balsamic vinegar (I used a honey ginger one from Blue Sky), in and chill.


It will need salt and pepper when you eat it, but I did not want to add the salt until right before serving.


As far as I am concerned this will make a meal.


Enjoy the longest day of the year.

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