Old Friends Are Better Than Vacuuming

When I woke up this morning the day I had before me was nothing exciting. I was going to exercise, clean the house, do the laundry and other mundane chores. I had no meetings, writing assignments or other commitments. I did promise Russ that I would take his shirts to the laundry and since it was daylight savings I was up and ready to go at six.

On my way out the door for my early morning errands I got a text from my friend Lane to see if I was free for lunch. This never happens that I am free on a day that she calls at the last minutes. Suddenly my boring day had a bright spot in it.

So I went about working down my newly made list of chores until it was time to meet her. We have been friends since before her 23 year old daughter was born. There have been times when we spent lots of time together and times when our lives hardly crossed paths because we were both busy with our families. What I love now is that now that we aren’t busy with our daughters we are able to go back to seeing each other more often.

The seasons of life change through the years and during some you have little time for friends who are far away or not on your track or path, but they are still your friends. But as the season changes you have the luxury to reconnect and pick right up where you were before.

I have found this with old school friends too. Even if you don’t see each other for years and years when you do get together it is as if you never were apart.

So I want to plan a few more reunions with old friends I haven’t seen in person for a while. If you feel like you are my old friend, let me know. Let’s plan. I am always up for a good road trip and would love to reconnect. Being with old friends is so much better than vacuuming.

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