Krispy Kreme Is Missing The Point

Today I saw a news story about a college senior, Jayson Gonzalez of Minnesota who the Krispy Kreme company is not happy with. Apparently Jayson was driving to Iowa, a 270 mile round trip, to the closest Krispy Kreme and would buy 100 dozen donut at the full price cost of a little more than $9 a dozen. Once back in the twin cities he would resell the donuts for between $17 – $20 a dozen. There has not been a Krispy Kreme store In Minneapolis for the last 11 years.

Krispy Kreme caught wind of the entrepreneurial young man and called him and told him to shut down what in essence was his donut delivery service.

Short sighted Krispy Kreme. This guy was an ambassador for your donuts. How is Jayson any different from GrubHub or Door Dash that pick food up at restaurants and deliver it to people’s homes?

Krispy Kreme, you should pay Gonzalez for his market research about the demand for donuts in the twin cities, and they were cold donuts at that. Imagine if they had “Hot Now” donuts.

The donut vendor should offer to help set this guy up with a franchise rather than calling him and telling him to stop.

Kreme claims that his reselling the donuts was a liability. I am not exactly sure how? People knew they were buying the donuts from Jayson, not directly from Krispy Kreme. Jayson paid full price for them and then he owned them. How is it not is right to sell them if he wanted. If people were willing to pay him to drive 270 miles to get the donuts I don’t see how Krispy Kreme can shut that down. Certainly the Iowa store where he was buying the donuts didn’t complain.

Come on Krispy Kreme, you missed every opportunity this kid handed you on a silver platter. You need to hire Jayson Gonzalez. Too late, you screwed this up.

One Comment on “Krispy Kreme Is Missing The Point”

  1. Stuart Wright says:

    Hey Dana. The story about this enterprising student even made our Canadian national newspaper The Globe and Mail.

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