Making the Most of Mundane

Oh the exciting things we do on a Saturday. Russ had a lot of work today so I took the opportunity to do some oft neglected chores. The most exciting was washing some down bed pillows. I read somewhere you are supposed to wash your pillows two or three times a year. I can say with full confidence that hasn’t happened here. Given how many different types of pillows we have I am certain that we have some that shouldn’t be washed at all. Like the bean hull pillows that Russ uses. They weigh a ton and are full of some kind of beans that shouldn’t get wet.

Given my lackadaisical care of our pillows I wanted to test wash to make sure I wasn’t going to ruin all our pillows at once. The internet instructions I read told me to wash two at a time to keep the washer balanced. So I picked two of similar size and weight and put them in the washer together. Rather than throwing in one of the soap pods I used just a tiny amount of liquid Gain. Too much soap is a real concern in the pillow washing literature.

The pillows seemed to fair well in the washer, but the true test was the dryer. I knew from my years of growing up in the north, that when you dried anything down you put a tennis ball in a sock or a clean sneaker in the dryer to help fluff everything up while tumbling.

I looked in my laundry cabinet above the washer for the tiny pair of sneakers I have just for this job. The little white Keds were Carter’s first sneakers and they are the perfect thing to put in the dryer with the pillows. Three drying cycles and the pillows are fluffy, yet I feel the feathers may be still slightly clumped together so the banging of the little sneakers in the dryer continues. I really am getting my money’s worth out of those twenty year old tenny pumps.

I can hardly wait to figure out what excitement beholds me tomorrow. Perhaps some deep cleaning of grout with an old tooth brush, or vacuuming out the refrigerator filter. I know you wish you were me.

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