It’s Too Soon

Thank god I was teaching Mah Jongg tonight. I am not ready to have the news cycle dominated by presidential candidates and I’m not good at ignoring the news. I know it might be better for my mental health to not pay attention, but not paying attention gets us crap leaders.

Thirty years ago I said, “Anyone smart enough to be president is smart enough to know they don’t want to be president.” I am not ready for the caravan of clown cars full of want-to-be’s giving speeches.

I wish we could limit the amount of time that parties had to pick a candidate to a month and then one more month to have them face off in an election. Two months of this shit is about all the people should have to endure. The only good news is I don’t live in Iowa or New Hampshire. I also think that political ads should be limited to two months also.

While we are at it let’s outlaw yard signs and flags. I don’t care who you are voting for because all it makes me do is wonder why you are voting that way and I would like to think better of you. I also think it needs to be against the law to fly flags that use the f word. Please, doesn’t anyone care about children?

I’m not a Twitter head because of the Twitter head so I can ignore that big mess. What I really miss is the old days of FCC regulations on news that meant the news had to be the truth. Now with cable, social media, bots and AI nothing ever has to be true. Please bring back Walter Cronkite. We never knew his personal view on politics. It was just the facts and they were real.

One Comment on “It’s Too Soon”

  1. I am already tired of the politics. I have thought of just turning off the TV and avoiding news altogether. Read more books!

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