The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

Jean Harris, the ex Madeira Headmistress and murder of Herman Tanower, the Scarsdale diet Dr. (Imagine those two things are always mentioned when your name comes up) was a wonderful writer. She penned one of my favorite sentences; “One day I put my arm in my coat and out came my mother’s hand.”

Sometimes horrifying for a daughter to realize that she can not escape some traits of her mother’s, the good or the bad. I got my penuriousness directly from my mother and am thankful for it.

Carter’s Garden

Yesterday Carter sent me photos of her little fire escape garden in her fifth-floor Beacon Hill walk-up. If I had to carry groceries up five flights of stairs I would certainly try and grow as many vegetables as I could.

My Garden

As I was watering my garden today I thought my hand has come out of Carter’s coat when it comes to our love of gardening. She also recently started stitching a needlepoint pillow canvas and playing Mah Jongg. Maybe both of my hands are appearing. At least those are fun things to come from me.

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