Laughing Out Loud

Carter sent me the best card the other day. “Sorry for what I said when I was a Teenager”

One of the best things about being an older parent is I have forgotten most anything horrible that Carter might have said or done when she was a teenager. Nonetheless it is really nice that she has outgrown teenage tendencies to say mean things to your parents, not that she ever really did.

Probably a better card from her is “Sorry for the mean stuff I thought, but never said, when I was a teenager.”

I think that Carter inherited the ability to keep things to herself from her father. It is a great trait that she does not tell people what might hurt them. I certainly think she could have said worse things to me, but she didn’t.

It took me many decades to learn to hold back. I wish that I had learned that in my teens.

To Carter I say, “no need to apologize, I think you are the greatest and I have forgiven any little slight that was caused by the normal hormonal changes we all have to endure.”

I still got a great laugh out of the card.

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