A Little of Everything Today

The birthdays just keep coming this week. From Shay’s and my friend Jan’s yesterday to celebrating Christy’s today and tomorrow my friend Warren. It appears that so many people and creatures I adore were born in the same week.

My stitching group celebrated Christy with a lovely flourless almond orange cake made by Karen. Considering that I stitched all morning I was happy to go and stitch some more, but with cake in the afternoon.

Then I had to pay the piper and go to work tonight. I had a new group of sweet ladies in Raleigh and one young man. Joey came in his stroller with his Mom to class. He was the most well behaved student in the class and picked right up on how to read the card. I think I can now advertise that I can teach anyone from 8 months to 88 years old how to play. I hope Joey grows up loving the sound of tiles clacking together.

I came home from class to watch the latest episode of “Love and Death” on HBO. Carter watched it this afternoon and sent me a photo of my cousin Meredith who was a member of the jury on the show. So fun. A wide ranging day.

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